Turracher Höhe is a spectacular alpine pass linking the provinces of Carinthia and Styria. At 1763 m above sea level, the pass is home to a village with a few small hotels by a romantic lake set amid the rolling Nockberge hills. In winter, the locality is a first-rate ski resort with 40km of well-maintained downhill runs. Snow conditions are excellent, with the extra option of 100% snowmaking. And of course, there are plenty of cross-country trails for classic skiing and skating too.

In summer, the pass blossoms into a natural flower garden crossed by pleasant paths for short strolls, and longer trails for more challenging mountain trips. Relaxing on the veranda of one of the many restaurants, sampling the wide choice of local dishes, is the perfect reward for your hard day’s trudge. Don’t forget to try the Zirbenschnaps, flavoured with the young cones of the Arolla pines growing all around.

Apartment NOVAK, at the Turracher Höhe mountain resort, is an unforgettable place to spend your holiday. Located at 1800m in the heart of a picturesque pine forest, the apartment is just a step from the ski slopes, the lakeside, and the ever hospitable Mei Zeit, one of the cosiest little pubs in the area.


  • Lake Turrachersee, at an altitude of 1763 m, has the border between Styria and Carinthia running across its centre.
  • The greatest pine forest in Austria extends along this pass – some of the trees(Pinus cembra) are over 1000 years old.
  • The area is perfect for allergy sufferers, as the local air is exceptionally clean and contains almost no pollen.
  • Apart from the glaciers, this is the first of the Austrian ski resorts to experience excellent snow conditions at the start of each season.
  • If you love good food, then the local “starred” restaurants are not to be missed.
  • Visit the Alpine Museum and Art Gallery for its exhibition and sale of precious stones and items created from them.
  • There is a ski-taxi to pull skiers across the frozen Turrachersee.
  • The “pistenbutler”, dressed all in livery, will arrive on his snowscooter to set up his bar and offer you Prosecco by the glass and ice-creams for the children.
  • In both winter and summer, children and adults can have fun on the 1600m long Nocky Flitzer roller coaster.

More info: www.turracherhoehe.com